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2-Line-6 – P Audio US


The P.Audio 2LINE-6 is an six element vertical column array loudspeaker. The 2LINE-6 exhibits progressive directivity control and is an excellent choice for use in reverberant spaces where very controlled and defined vertical radiation is required. The enclosure is a passive design that features high power handling and reliability. The vertical column array consists of six high output, high excursion two inch (51mm) closely spaced dynamic transducers. The close physical spacing insures controlled polar lobing and tight pattern control. The acoustic performance of the 2LINE-6 make it an ideal choice for houses of worship, theaters, commercial venues, airports, and gathering spaces of all sizes. The P.Audio 2LINE-6 is available in both black and white finishes, and is a heavy duty steel enclosure, with steel grill. The cabinet is both zinc plated and powder coated to ensure durability. The input is 2 x Neutrik speakon connectors to allow easy daisy chaining of cabinets. The 2LINE-6 features a rear mounted switch for changing system impedance between 4 and 16 ohms. The 4 ohm setting is intended for use when maximum amplifier power is to be delivered to a single cabinet, or for when the 2LINE-6 is used with the accompanying 2LINE-Sub. The 16 ohm setting allows 4 cabinets to be parallel linked, when a 4 ohm stable amplifier is used. The 16 ohm setting can be used with the accompanying 2LINE-Sub for lower power situations. The 2LINE-Sub high performance subwoofer is optimized for accurate mid-low reproduction, allowing more headroom for the 2LINE-6 column loudspeaker. Without the subwoofer, it is highly recommended that a high pass filter is set at 200Hz (24dB/oct) to ensure no damage to the 2LINE-6 loudspeaker. P.Audio offers a variety of rigging accessories for use within the 2LINE system. When used with the accompanying subwoofer, the 2L-Pole and 2L-PSA allow the 2LINE-6 enclosure to be mounted above the subwoofer at a fixed height. The 2L-PSA features 2 tilt settings  either 0 degrees or 10 degrees down tilt to optimize the radiation for the acoustic space. A single or two column array may be mounted using the 2L-PT and 2L-LB brackets. The 2L-PT allows solid wall mounting with up to 60 degrees pan capability and up to 15 degrees down-tilt capability. The 2L-LB can then be used to join two enclosures together, with inter-cabinet tilt capability up to 15 degrees.