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CXP-152F – P Audio US


The P Audio CXP 152F is a passive professional sound reinforcement system designed for very high sound pressure level applications. The 15 inch (381mm) low frequency woofer offers extended low frequency response in a very small profile design. The CXP 152F is ideal for fixed installation applications such as restaurants, bars, retail outlets and high level sound reinforcement music systems. The 15 inch design provides superior music range performance and extended bandwidth for applications that specify very high intelligibility vocal range and very dynamic music content. The design of the CXP 152F features a wide bandwidth 15 inch (305mm) low frequency device and a large format compression driver coupled to a constant directivity wave guide for controlled high frequency dispersion. The large format voice coil 15 inch low frequency device provides extended low frequency response and additional radiated acoustic power. The rated included angles are 60 degrees by 40 degrees. The CXP 152F high frequency wave guide is also fully rotatable to allow enclosure physical orientation as well as acoustic pattern orientation in a variety of spaces. The 60 x 40 pattern is ideal for reverberant spaces and for long throw requirements. The CXP 152F employs a high order passive crossover that provides excellent summing and balance for the individual transducer components. The CXP 152F features very smooth and accurate amplitude response, very defined intelligibility and superb reliability. The power handling is rated at 800 watts continuous with a peak input power capability of 3200 watts. Maximum peak SPL is 132dB. System impedance is rated at 8 ohms. The enclosure is constructed with high quality plywood and finished in a very durable polyurea coating. The system includes a top hat style stand adaptor and an optional eye bolt kit to allow flexible mounting. The CXP 152F is a very high performance design that features multiple M10 mounting points for use in a variety of indoor applications.